Birthday wishes wordings | Birthday wishes words

Check this article and get latest Birthday Wishes Wordings, Birthday Wishes Words along with other Birthday Quotes. In this article we decided to present you Birthday Words and more details. Do read an article and find the  Birthday words for your Nearest buddies and make them happy.

Birthday Wishes Wordings | Birthday Wishes Words | Birthday Words

  • Happy birthday! May all your days be special and full of wonderful moments. Remember to keep writing your unique story with every day you’re walking through. Be passionate, happy and always do what gives you best results. I’m sure it’s gonna happen, because you deserve like nobody does.
  • Congratulations! This is a truly amazing time in your life. It won’t last forever, so enjoy every precious moment of every baby step and take as many photos as humanly possible.
  • All I wanted to say is happy birthday! May luck, success and happiness never leaves your side!
  • Looking at the fact how special you are, I want to wish you as much love and positive energy as you can handle. Stay happy whenever and wherever. All the best, may all your plans turn into great, different successes. Don’t forget to take a rest sometime, but keep doing what makes you want to live.
  • Congratulations! May the birth of your child be the beginning of an incredibly wonderful and beautiful journey for you and your family.
  • Well look at you, you made it to another year! I hope you don’t waste your life, because you’re not getting any younger, happy birthday oldie!
  • It’s a special day – fact. But you being that special should celebrate everyday, the same as it’s your birthday. All the best, loads of love, luck, passion and positive energy. Keep smiling and doing what you really love. You know life is all about it, don’t you? Happy, happy birthday, enjoy the day!

Birthday wishes wordings

  • Congratulations on your beautiful, little bundle of joy. In life, there’s nothing sweeter. Enjoy and capture every moment.
  • I wish you a big happy birthday, and hope you got everything you wanted, and if not, I hope you get what you really wanted soon!
  • I really, deeply and truly wish you all the best. In every step you take, in every day you decide to start and go through. Happy birthday, may all your choices combine into happiness. May all your steps guide you to your one and only, true path of passion. Stay yourself, be as happy as possible.
  • A big congratulations. Your baby is such a blessing — and nobody deserves this blessing more than you. May your entire family be forever blessed!
  • We wish you happy birthday! We hope you have the best day of your life, because you only become (age) once, don’t get too drunk!
  • Happy, happy birthday! Have a great one, full of luck, great moments and people you care about the most. I wish you a lot of smile and good vibrations, so that you can successfully go through every day in your life. Keep doing what makes you happy, stay with those who make you happy too.
  • Congratulations! May your beautiful baby boy bring immeasurable joy and wonder into your life. This is what life is all about!

Birthday Wordings

Birthday Wishes Words | Birthday Wishes Wordings | Birthday Words

  •  Happy birthday to you my darling, I wish you lots of luck, to be always happy, and never stop smiling!

  • Is it today? Great, because I really want to congratulate you. Another year of perfect life. I wish you what’s best and makes you happy the most. I also wish you people worth having, moments worth sharing and many pictures worth remembering. Happy birthday, have a really great one!
  • Happy birthday, my friend! The world stopped spinning for a moment on the day you were born, just long enough for you to make your debut. I’m so glad you came into my orbit and made my world truly wonderful.
  • Happy Birthday! Hope you are having a great one. Keep smiling and do whatever makes you happy. Make this day special, worth remembering and create memories that would keep you happy for the next year. Best wishes, good luck and may your celebration be as unique as you are.

Birthday wishes words

  • I wish you much luck in your life, to never lose your smile, and may all your wishes and dreams to come true, happy birthday!
  • I hope your dreams and wishes come true on this beautiful day, because today is no ordinary day, it’s your Birthday! So I wanted to wish you a happy and memorable day!
  •  Life is a ship, and you are the captain, So don’t get lost in the sea of life!

  • Hey, Special! Yes – You! It’s Your Birthday, so I have a message: Be happy everyday, keep doing what You love the most. Keep smiling everyday and have a great number of moments worth remembering. Be happy, whenever You want to and stay close to people who love You. All the best!
  • Grandpa, today is your birthday. Today is the day you started to touch the lives of others in the most important way — with love and kindness. I’m glad I can count myself as one of the lucky many. Happy birthday. I love you dearly.
  • You’re sweeter than the sweetest song and more beautiful than beauty itself. Thanks for making my world truly sweet and beautiful. I love you madly. Happy birthday, my dearest.

    Birthday Wishes wordings

Birthday Wordings | Birthday Wishes | Birthday Wishes Wordings

  • In the dictionary, there’s a word for senseless acts of love, kindness, wisdom, intelligence, beauty and generosity: Grandma! Happy birthday, Grandma! You’re all those things to me!
  • Happy Birthday to You – special, unique, one and only You. Catch every moment, collect memories and store them as Your superpower. Use them to stay happy, to stay yourself whatever you do. Have lots of love, laugh, passion and other positive vibes. Hope You have a great birthday celebration! Best wishes.
  • Happy birthday, darling! You’re the best daughter anyone could ever wish for. Thank you for choosing me as your partner in fun on your special day. We will definitely have some unforgettable, unbelievable memories to share for a lifetime.
  • Hello, is it Your Birthday? So I thought. In this case I want to wish You all kinds of things that You consider necessary to stay happy and calm. Keep on going with your life, and keep it full of positive elements, that are useful, inspirational and really worth remembering. Best wishes, hope you have a great one!
  • You’re one today…You’re finally allowed to have your birthday cake and eat it — with your hands. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday! Turning 40 is not so bad when you consider the alternative: turning 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 or 100.

Birthday wishes words


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